FINLAND FOREVER by Hudson Strode


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Strode is associated in most people's minds with his delightful travel books, but this outs deeper into the social life of a people, into the spirit of a country that has not been submerged by partial conquest. He visited Finland in 1939, caught the heroic spirit of the people, and realized the impending shadow of the Russian terror. He reflects the daily life of the people, in city and country; he studies the progress of a modern democracy, its industries, its agriculture, its cooperatives. He met and leaders; he felt in Sibeilus the essential embodiment of the country's spirit. He saw Finland's preparations for defense, sensed their indomitable spirit. In a brief chapter he sketches their history, leading up to the Soviet invasion, and in a final chapter gives the story of the gallant defense, and of the determined rehabilitation.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace