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Remember when horror novels told of swarthy-skinned men whose hypnotic eyes could enslave others with a glance? Veteran terror-schlocker Cave does--and all too well, as evinced by this formulaic atavism about a Yank high-school teacher hiding out in Jamaica from a band of Svengalis bent on world domination. Mark Donner didn't want to leave Connecticut to spend a year in a secluded mansion in Jamaica's hinterland with only a deaf-and-dumb servant woman for company. But the CIA warned him that the unidentified bad guys out to get his government agent/twin brother, Vic, might mistake Mark for Vic, so. . .Mark soon warms up to his new life, though: posing as an author, he begins the novel he never thought he'd write, and that servant, Eve, turns out to be a sexy blond--and psychic to boot. No mean psychic himself--he often telepathed with Vic--Mark's soon chatting away to Eve without moving his lips. Love blossoms, but domestic bliss takes a tumble when the restless Jamaican natives start zapping Mark with vodun curses, and the bad guys--revealed as the Disciples of Dread, minions of an insane Arab despot and led by master magus Khargi--show up at Mark's doorstep. Before good and evil sort themselves out, a ruthless CIA man and a pot-growing Chinese storekeeper edge close to doing Mark in; Vic shows up to lend his brother a hand; and the twins do fierce mental battle (""A shooting star stabbed in his head and exploded in his brain. 'You! Stay Where you are!'"") with assorted Disciples. See Eve fall under the spell of the evil Khargi! See Mark read a letter written in invisible ink! See Mark and Eve frightened by a wild pig! See Cave deliver the silliest horror novel of the year!

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1988
Publisher: Tor--dist. by St. Martin's