THE WITCHING LANDS: Tales of the West Indies by Hugh B. Cave

THE WITCHING LANDS: Tales of the West Indies

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A collection of oppressively simple-minded stories focused (as far as there is any focus here) on a group of characters under the roof of the Pension Etoile in the heart of St. Joseph's City. Familiar characters find neat solutions to their implausible problems -- a beleaguered American turns a crowd's mood from anger to sympathy with a few jocular remarks and the aid of a child; a man's heart, hardened against a handicapped child he believed responsible for his son's death, is softened by the sound of children's singing; a man whose wife committed suicide finds his name cleared and the opportunity to marry his true love; a lonely plantation owner adopts a native boy; the threat of a prowler brings an estranged couple together. These are not stories peculiar to the locale and it is unfortunate that the scenery remains a set, flat piece, and the characters are no livelier than the grinning beings on travel posters. Too much sunshine for the production of life.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday