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From the nudist beaches of St. Tropez to the board room of General Motors to a belligerent Arab oildom -- a preposterous, grudgingly entertaining tale of international intrigue set in the not too distant future (1977). First a French fag is skewered and dismembered Arab-style. . .then the flic on the case has his throat slit. . .and before you know it 77-year-old General Pineau of counterespionage is up to his crusty, crafty old neck in global energy-crisis shenanigans. The various slayings are attempts to retard the progress of eccentric homosexual inventor Arthur Edelman on his solar propulsion system for automobiles -- at the same time that the popular leader of Quahrein is blackmailing the U.S. President by threatening to blow up all their oil fields. (Meanwhile, his Prime Minister is planning a coup. . . and our own Sixth Fleet an invasion.) Throw in an American architect who discovered the first corpse and is always dam close to being the next. . .a seasoned hulk of a veteran Israeli agent, his sado-masochistic Arab counterpart, assorted company and country presidents. . . and your fingers may just become too oil-slicked to turn one page at a time. Considerably more diverting than the author's 2000% Rule, though there are still a number of kinks and kinkees to be worked out.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1975
Publisher: Delacorte