THE THRILL OF HORROR: Twenty-two Terrifying Tales by Hugh--Ed. Lamb

THE THRILL OF HORROR: Twenty-two Terrifying Tales

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Editor Lamb who has produced three previous similar collections, continues his cheerful exhumations of out of print or long lost tales by masters and apprentices. A major coup here is the discovery of a ""new"" M. R. James, a grave bit of business--not the best but bearing the stamp of the artist; there's a valleyful of slimy monsters by William Hope Hodgson; an insidious ambiguity about E. H. Visiak's story of possession; and a haunted glen echoing with The Shouting as recorded by L. T. C. Holt. The stories come from differing periods (from the Victorians on) and styles, which deal both with the supernatural or ""the real horror tale, (about) the nasty things people do to each other."" For the antiquarian or purist--some classy cerements.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1975
Publisher: Taplinger