THE HUNTER by Hugh Fosburgh
Kirkus Star


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A touch of Hemingway for a first novel which is lean, direct, compelling, which captures much of the brutal, taunting excitement of the hunt, and the fascination of one Monk Taylor, solitary, directionless and casual in his relationship with Jim Spence, who brought him up, and Marge, who is in love with him. Living up in the mountains with Billy Trott, a native, and a half crazed old woman. Monk evades all obligations, is vulnerable only to the obsessive attraction of tracking big game. Reluctantly consenting to take two easterners on a lion hunt with him, Monk exhausts their endurance, gets rid of them rudely, and is himself left horseless and injured in a gully. Saved, and brought back to Marge by Billy Trott, Monk gives in to his passing need for her, indulges a dream of marriage, but when he realizes he has nothing to give anyone, he sends her away again... A holding story, fairly close to fundamentals and not without impact, this should draw a masculine as well as feminine audience. There will be publisher pressure.

Publisher: Scribner