THE MAGIC LASSOO by Hugh McClelland


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The author is a successful comic strip artist and it shows. This is a comic book in reinforced binding. The story borrows heavily from the Magic Carpet, and Pecos Bill, but without profit. A little cowboy sneaks food to a turbaned hobo and is rewarded with a ragged rug which he unravels and braids into a lassoo. This whirls him from cook's helper to top hand and sheriff's deputy until an outlaw puts oth on his magic wool rope. Since the rope had done all his work for him, it is rather odd that he goes back to his ranch as a top hand without it. The black and white cartoons make for a good comic strip and a poor children's book. Bad meat from every angle. Rope it and throw it.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1963
Publisher: St Martin's Press