HE RISK TAKERS by Hugh McLeave


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The Dramatic Story of Heart Surgery"" has been told by an Englishman with about equal emphasis (should there be more?) on what has been accomplished in the U.S. as well as on the continent where (Germany) and when (1896) the first successful operation was performed. Sauerbruch- the ""doyen""- carried on his country's experimentation, but the first real breakthrough was in 1944 at Johns Hopkins with Blalook's blue baby by-pass technique, and the decade of the '50's has seen the greatest advances- in surgical techniques, instruments, etc.; in at first borrowed hearts and the use of donors- later the heart-lung machine; in hypothermia (frozen-sleep surgery with its greatest failure- heart); etc., etc. This then is an inventory of what has been done and may still be accomplished, along with a who's who of the innovators, and it is explicit and instructive in spite of some workaday writing.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1963
Publisher: olt, Rinehart & Winston