THE PARTY KILLER by Hugh Pentecost


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Pentecost's P.R. man, sometime-sleuth Julian Quist (Substitute Victim, etc.), is embroiled in what looks like mass slaughter at the grand opening of Rainbow Hill, a New England resort owned by 60-ish superstar Larry Lewis--a man supposedly loved by all, as attested to by the presence at the festivities of his four ex-wives. The most recent of these--young, promiscious heiress Glenda Forrest (along with her chauffeur-lover) has been blown to bits in Larry's private cottage, loaned to Glenda at her request. Larry shows briefly in the aftermath confusion, then disappears. Then, within the next hours, ex-wives Patti and Beverly are stabbed to death while hotel and grounds swarm with police. There's endless speculation about and questioning of ex-wives (while they last) as well as of Larry's local lover, Madge Seaton; her mostly absent husband; Larry's devoted manager Bobby Crown, and others. Unfortunately, though, Quist lags far behind the reader when he finally identifies the murderer. Repetitive chatter, hackneyed motivation and barely credible means undermine an often intriguing plot. Harmless, low-level entertainment.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1985
Publisher: Dodd, Mead