THE GREAT PRAYER by Hugh Ross Williamson


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This volume contains a commentary on the prayers of the Canon of the Mass, ""whose only purpose is to foster understanding which may bring (Christian) Unity nearer"". The commentary is preceded by notes on the history and symbolism of the vestments worn and the gestures made by the priest, forme which, if not understood, may be blocking the way for some non-Catholics to understand and participate in the Catholic Mass. The prayers of the Canon are then presented in Latin and in English and the commentary follows. The commentary is erudite but interesting. It is essentially of the nature of apologetical theology. The author finds in the Canon of today, the form of which was fixed in the sixth century, the original dogmas of Christian belief and the perpetual corporate act of the Christian community, the Church, as they have been handed down historically for over nineteen hundred years. He argues that it is the living Church alone which attests to the historicity of the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, above all in its central action and prayers at the Canon of the Mass. He writes ""To know the prayer which accompanies the action is to know the Faith.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1956
ISBN: 0852442955
Publisher: Macmillan