HELL RENT FOR WAR by Hugh S. Johnson


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World-Telegram columnist pours forth the vials of wrath on a world ""hell best for war"", in a pamphistearing job for the Isolationists who are out for all aid to Britain BUT don't go near the water. The war, he says, is a battle royal -- and none of our business. We can avoid involvement by minding our own business, for why should we help Britain in ""a war for continued imperial domination over weaker and exploited and subjected peoples"". In answer to the query-Shall we send our fleet across the Pacific, he answers No. It is ""impudent hypocrisy"" to pretend we would be keeping the Open Door to China. He dodges the issue of living in a world with Hitler by saying ""I am thinking of how or why we should undertake to reconstruct the cockeyed world"". The Baruch platform of the last world war is a better basis of operation than the O.P.M., which, he says, sets labor against management by its double-headed set up, a ""monstrosity"". He ventures a fasble apology for his membership in the America First Committee, BUT .... ""But me but"", Mr. Johnson. I'm not taking any.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill