A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES: From The Age of Exploration To 1865 by Hugh T.-Ed. Lefler

A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES: From The Age of Exploration To 1865

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Edited by the Kenan Professor of History at the University of North Carolina, this latest volume in the Meridian ""Documents of American History"" series presents wide and well-selected documentary accounts of this country's political and social history from the time of the Vikings to the close of the Civil War. The contemporary sources, introduced by brief editorial notes, range from the little-known: early laws on dress, hairdressing and morals, and account of the terrors of a transatlantic crossing in the 1700's, to the familiar thunders of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Monroe Doctrine and the Emancipation Proclamation. Leif Ericsson tells of New England grapevines, Columbus of islands in the ""Indian Ocean"", Verrazzano of his ""very large river, wide at the mouth"", the Hudson, Bradford of his ""Plymouth Plantation"". Here, too, are battles and menus, marching songs, speeches on Secession, fugitive slaves and John Brown; the book ends with Lee's touching Farewell to his men. A book for both the home and the classroom, this collection of contemporary source material should appeal to teachers and students of American history.

Publisher: Meridian Books