MOTHER GOOSE IN FRENCH by Hugh- Trans. Latham
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Less voild; Mademoiselle Mouffue, Humpti-Dumpti, Salomon Grundi, La vielle Mere Hubard, and all the old favourites of the very young are here in translations which require, and have been achieved with, consummate skill. Even though some of the vocabulary is necessarily advanced, it will be assimilated through identification with the familiar originals. (There is also a glossary at the end although its selective; perhaps an academic point but why include an easy word, enlever, and omit a hart one, rafistoler?). The half, full and two page illustrations by Barbara looney are French in character but inimitably, irresistibly, her own and the color is gay and subtle at the same time. All in all, de grade classe.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1964
Publisher: Crowell