BY MEANS OF DEATH by Hughell E. W. Fosbroke


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The three hour service from 12-3 on Good Friday, with consecutive meditations on Christ's seven last words from the cross, has become ever more widely observed by Protestants and Roman Catholics alike. Books of these series of meditations continue to be published annually, indicating a wide demand by the reading public, especially during the Lenten season. This latest book, by the retired dean of the General Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in New York is one of the best, for it contains the distilled wisdom and spiritual insight of one of the greatest of modern Biblical teachers. Those whom he has taught speak feelingly of his ""saintly character"" and this character shines through the words and pages of this little book, designated by the Seabury Press as the Seabury Lenten Book for 1957. Dr. Fosbroke interprets the Last Words of Christ as forgiveness, love, concern in human relationships, despair, pain, fulfillment and self-commitment and brings these terms to bear upon the relationship of man to man and man to God. The result is to bring new richness to the life of the reader.

Publisher: Seabury Press