THE ARTS OF JAPAN by Hugo Munsterberg


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Another fine book on Eastern art from the Tuttle publishers (and from Hugo Munsterberg, whose work in the field is very familiar) compares favorably with the Terry edition of the Pageant of Japanese Art (p. 835, 1956) but is a shorter and more expressive volume, for the art lover as well as the serious student. All of the periods from the ancient Jomon and Yayoi cultures beyond the Edo and into modern art are discussed with reference to painting, sculpture, architecture and crafts and within each section, Mr. Munsterberg is at pains to present both probably and actual cultural trends which had an influence. His analysis, for instance, of Japan's remarkable transformation from a feudal society to a highly westernized one after 1850, makes a small but enlightening historical essay in itself. With over a hundred well chosen photographs, some in color, of the art objects, this should make a valuable and indeed a pleasurable addition to any connoisserur's library.

Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle