THE BROTHERS BELLAMY by Humphrey Pakington


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Another in this author's series of social comedies in which again manners count more than matter mirrors the village of Little Stammering as it follows the romance of Clare Newlyn who is faced with the choice of Ned or Dick Bellamy or Giles Bartle, son of Sir Wilmot. Edward Judson's delicate health is also the subject of much curiosity for Elsie Bellamy stands to inherit and Dashwood, her husband, and she conflict mightily on the prospect. There is feuding and fussing between the good ladies- Mrs. Goodrich, the Canon's wife, Mrs. Plumpton, Lady Bartle, Mrs. Plumbe, the Bishop's wife, Ilys, Gloria, et al: there is much beetling about for the production of The Deluge: and much fat gets in the fire before Clare's affair is properly settled. Acid to antic, this froths over an easily recognizable landscape.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1953
Publisher: Norton