THE OTHER HALVES by Hunter Davies


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With no editorial intervention (criticizing, moralizing) these are ten transcripts (taped, presumably) of the New Poor and the New Rich in England today; among the former, a curate who only receives thirty pounds a month while among the latter a newsvendor grosses as much as a hundred pounds a day; or again, a clerk in a ministry who has no hot water and no bath, versus a barrow boy (streetseller) with a television in every room of his large house. A nurse, a social worker, a burglar, a prostitute (a kinky scene here), a policeman and hair stylist contribute to these graphic annals with only a hard-reached-for sociological handle to justify their appearance in book form; but then of course there are always those who like to know how The Other Halves live and these characters are unhesitatingly self-explanatory.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1968
Publisher: Stein & Day