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BODY BY STORM by Hunter  Storm


by Hunter Storm

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1479131983
Publisher: CreateSpace

Storm, in her self-help debut, presents a complete program to help people eat a healthy diet, get fit and change their body—and their life.

In 1991, a car accident forced Storm to give up her career as a professional dancer. Debilitating pain led her to put on more than 50 pounds, and she despaired of ever returning to her former fitness level. But Storm’s spirit was undaunted, and she eventually found her way back to health and happiness as a champion in-line speed skater. In this book, she shares tips on how readers can transform themselves. Using a personable, if tough-love, approach, Storm walks readers through the steps required to “regain control” over their bodies. They include adopting a new attitude about fitness (“think yourself thin”), embracing a healthier approach to eating (“living within your jeans”) and sticking to an exercise program. She also covers sleep habits and personal hygiene. Throughout, the author encourages readers to set realistic goals and to focus on overall health, not just on losing weight. She’s also careful to point out that people have different body types and fitness levels and should tailor their regimen to their specific needs. The book includes easy-to-read charts and callouts, with plenty of space for readers to record their body measurements and goals. Storm provides mental exercises to help readers adopt new attitudes about their bodies and fitness (such as “Wash Away the Ugly”), as well as straightforward advice on deciding what to eat while following a “booty budget.” Storm’s relentless perkiness may not appeal to some readers, with quips such as, “if you change your mind, you will change your life.” Occasionally, her tips are obvious; is advice on how to take a shower really necessary? Overall, however, Storm offers healthy, holistic strategies for getting fit that offer an alternative to fad diets and unachievable goals.

An enthusiastic and sensible approach to getting in shape.