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What Clementine in the Kitchen is to cook books this gay enthusiastic book is to English travel guides. This is the book you would want to have with you in your deck chair on the boat to London; your hotel reservations are made and your time schedule approximately planned (such information may be gleaned from any one of a thousand sources) but here is a delightful, readable compendium of those vital snips of information that mean the difference between determinedly tedious sightseeing and a happily rich view of England. In a laudable consideration for your feet as well as some possible mental weakness in regard to British history and architecture, the authors counsel on the particularly interesting parts of such items as the Tower of London and Westminster, filling in the historical anecdotes and such architectural pointers as to really enrich your first contact. A plan for two weeks in London and seven short journeys from London forms the basic structure of the book but it is the infectious enthusiasm that makes this unique. Included are quick reference guides to history, architecture and- believe it or not- a comprehensible explanation of cricket. Informal, gay this is an admirable addition to the gift book market or even for the reminiscing returned Anglophile.

Pub Date: July 5th, 1950
Publisher: Harper