MONEY: Only a By-Product by I.A. Smalis

MONEY: Only a By-Product

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Inspiration and advice for the aspiring entrepreneur. Smalis offers some extremely realistic points for those who want to ""go it alone."" However, the intelligent reader should find nothing here that is not plain common sense. Emphasizing that there is no short cut to success, the author tells us that not every person can achieve grandeur and self-satisfaction: don't bother if you're lazy, unethical, or totally lacking in creativity. These preachy declarations about the joy of doing, and the realization of dreams in one's lifetime, would be acceptable if Smalis' objective was solely to bolster insecure egos. Unfortunately, he attempts to address practical issues as well. His broad, sketchy comments on the need for expertise in the field, product knowledge, market research, and sales, price, cash flow, and profit savvy are Business Management 101. Although his business philosophy is sound, he offers nothing unique. His condescending attitude towards partnerships discourages those whose only chance for success lies along that route. Smalis states that the difference between success/failure is not just money, and he has ""destroyed the myth that it takes money to make money."" His belief is that if you just do your best, the money will come, almost as an afterthought. Contradictorily, he then goes on to say that you ""can't start any business unless you have a source of money"" and the ""most difficult part of being a business owner is finding financing."" Money may be only a by-product but readers would do better spending theirs elsewhere.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1987
Publisher: Sunstone