MAKING MONEY by Ian Andersen


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Making money pay off, that is, from the viewpoint of a somewhat cavalier investor who mixes cheery personal anecdotes with some basic financial precepts and related tips on the psychology of doing business. Demeanor 'is half the battle, says Andersen in a chapter about negotiating in which the 23 characteristics of a successful negotiator are listed according to their importance, from ""Ingratiating"" (1) to ""Assertive"" (23). There's a consistency problem there, but you get the gist. Another chapter--fine as far as it goes--deals with choosing stocks: ""The trick is to pick a stock that will appreciate faster than the market when it's rising, or a stock that declines faster than the market when the indicators dictate selling short."" There's also one on investing in real estate--""Sell when you can get fifteen times your net operating.income""; and still another on the benefits of a Swiss bank account, one of the lesser known being the provision by Swiss banks of a complete investment advisory staff as part of their service. Nice and relaxed, but by no means comprehensive as,an investment guide.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: Vanguard