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CASINO ROYALE by Ian Fleming


by Ian Fleming

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1954
ISBN: 014200202X
Publisher: Macmillan

An expensive game of counterespionage is played out in a French gambling casino when Bond, a Secret Service man, is assigned to defeat Le Chiffre Communist agent at the tables. Bond's cool infallibility is unnerved not only by his opponent who attempts to deflect him from his mission with a bomb but also by Vesper Lynd, who is sent to help him. Cleaned out by Le Chiffre, Bond is able to keep on with the Marshall Aid of an American; Le Chiffre is broken but through Vesper attempts to recoup his losses, and Bond is taken along with her, brutalized to the point of death. A long convalescence brings with it the consciousness of his love for Vesper but a week alone with her is ridden by doubt as well as passion, and her death is a further goad to carry on his dangerous work... Very dressy stuff this, but if your tastes are extravagant faites vos jeur and anything will play.