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by Ian Fleming

Pub Date: April 15th, 1958
ISBN: 0884118738
Publisher: Macmillan

Some scattered, baguette-sized reminiscences of "John Blaize" who for several years worked with the International Diamond Security Organization to put an end to smuggling- these were told to Ian Fleming and appeared originally as a series of articles in England. Along with some of the finer points on the tools and techniques of the traffic, the mine security measures (not too successful), etc., Mr. Fleming- or Blaize- is most interesting when reporting on a particular case or character; the fabulous fence, Monsicur Diamant, who operated in Europe for some thirty years; Patterson, a lone operator, who sat on a fortune in loose diamonds and attempted to fly some 40,000 pounds worth out of the country; secret agents, confidence men, and always- the compliant natives.... The background to some of the material which Fleming has used so effectively in his thrillers- authenticated for the true crime fancier.