REKILL by Ian Kennedy Martin


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All righty. A former Vietcong, visibly upset over the Calley-style slaughter of Iris family and fellow villagers by a gang of Rangers during the war, infiltrates the good old U.S. of A. and right smartly wipes out about half the population--the Rangers themselves, their wives, their children, the works. Can't have that, so a bunch of colonels and generals from G2 dredge up a ranking brute named Leeming, and tell him to get out there and nail the little bastard. Charge! But imagine Leeming's surprise when, two battalions of corpses later, he discovers that G2's primary target isn't this ""gook"" at all but a Chinese rocket dump squirreled away in a Rumanian castle. The boys at G2 never mentioned that, but not to worry. Leeming adjusts. The gook gets peppered, and the dump goes up like nothing else since the earth began. Talk about two birds--but still the big question. Why didn't G2 or whatever level with our guy Leeming? Is the CIA taking over G27 How about the YMCA or maybe the ASPCA--that's gotta be it, the ASPCA. You know, the one for dumb animals.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Putnam