GOD'S HIGH TABLE by Icland Frederick Coolay


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Iea Coolay's novel is a perhaps overgenerous story about the conflict between modern progress in the state of Washington and a puritanical religious seet off in the hills. There the jakobites work hard, pray hard and preach hard in a crag-walled bowl of the Pacific Northwest mountain range; long ago they left the world of the devil live in communal , the side-effects of industrialization and civilization. However, when the people of neighboring Mill City plan to run a new highway straight by their Elen, the plots thicken. Jeremy is the hero, a thirty year old innocent, the son of the Patrinrch, who slowly, surely but honorably succumbs to the blandishments of sex, true love and the fellowship of all who had aroused his father's fears and fulminations. There's an attempted rape; a horse theft; a murder; a knock-down-drag-out fight and a . And among the central characters, readers will find Jeremy's teenage , and the young widow with whom he falls in love, particularly appealing. A wholesome story with an indigenous background and a sturdy narrative.

Publisher: Doubleday