IDALIA'S PROJECT ABC by Idalia Rosario


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With Gg for graffiti, Hh for housing development or hogar, and Ii for incinerator or incinerador, this dull and one-dimensional English/Spanish alphabet book goes on to catalogue ""project life"" as represented (to cite J, K, and L) by Joe the janitor, karate, litter/limpieza, and so on. Pp is for Puerto Rico, the only place name mentioned; the drawing shows two little girls holding up a map of the island, with a map of Puerto Rico above their heads. The mindless roundup proceeds through realism, with Rr for rats/ratas, and idealism: ""Uu is for unity. Although my friends are different, we play in unity. Uu es para unidad. . . ."" But children who hope to use this as an aid in crossing the language barrier will be stumped by the first entry: ""Aa is for asking. Asking Papo's mother if he could come out to play. Aa es para amigo. Le pregunto a la mama de mi amigo Papo si puede salir a jugar."" As for the drawings, they'd be more at home in a low-budget pamphlet on vitamins or bicycle safety.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1981
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston