CATHY by iddie Joe Johnson


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A warm little story of a ten year old girl whose father is in the airforce overseas, and whose mother is working in a defense plant, which hits a common denominator today. It becomes uncommon, however, when Cathy discovers, in the attic, a chest whose three drawers are labelled Sarah, Gilbert and Linds, and learns that the little house in a Gulf Coast town was a farm many years ago. Her lonely days are suddenly filled with her three new friends, and she spends as much time as she can reading the letters and diaries she finds in the chest. Rosit, the nice, round, singing Mexican who keeps house for Cathy's mother, her large family of daughters, Mr. George, the storekeeper, and many others play an outward part in Cathy's daily life. But her real happiness, and her ten year old conclusions are reached by her ""friendship"" with the three children in the attic. The author makes this story come off -- and when Cathy's Daddy finally comes home, and she meets Gilbert (now a grownup Army flyer) -- you, along with Cathy, are not too surprised.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1945
Publisher: Longmans Green