MIRACLE MAN OF PRINTING: Ottmar Mergenthaler by I.E. Levine
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MIRACLE MAN OF PRINTING: Ottmar Mergenthaler

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Employing the effective telescopic lens approach he used in an earlier biography, The Discoverer of Insulin (1959, p. 13, J-13), Mr. Levine probes the workings of an inventor's mind. Mergenthaler's successes and failures are recounted in detail, and the man's persistence runs like a strong unswerving current throughout. The author has put his knowledge of printing to good use; he describes the advances, the discoveries and the intricacies of various printing mechanisms in comprehensible terms. An excellent, well written story of an unusual person, it is outstanding for either study or pleasure- reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1963
Publisher: Messner