THE CHRISTIAN LIVES BY THE SPIRIT by Ignace & Stanislas Lyonnet de la Potterie


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The thesis of this work is that the Christian is born of the Holy Spirit through the sacramental action of baptism, and lives in the Spirit through that of the Eucharist, and thus becomes a man called to, and destined for, both love and freedom. This theme is developed by a detailed examination of passages from St. John and St. Paul, in which the concept of ""spirit"" refers not only to the Holy Spirit but also to a reality which places it in opposition to the letter of the law, and by an analysis of Christian tradition in the light of Scripture. This moderately revolutionary theme is handled with close attention to such technicalities as language, literary composition, etc., and this, combined with the authors' relentless refusal to sacrifice precision to clarity of language, results in a work which, despite its debatable implications, will find an audience only among those theologians for whom the pleasures of classic exegetical methodology have not lost their charm.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1971
Publisher: Alba House