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Biblical studies among Catholic scholars received tremendous encouragement in recent years, thanks to the interest of the late Pontiff, Pope Pius XII. Much progress has been made as a result. But there have been aberrations, too. The Holy See only recently issued a ""menilum"" about carrying research conclusions to extremes. But new interest in the has been generated by all this activity. Here a member of the Pontifical Institute in Rome sets out to give the non-professional an appreciation of what this research has produced. Fr. Hunt presents a clear analysis of the different schools of thought and then proceeds to analyze each of the books of the Bible individually. His concise evaluations will frequently come as a revelation to many Catholics who may have grown up on ""Bible Stories"" which they were lead to believe were always actual historical occurrences. May this sprightly description of what the Bible means -- written for today's Christian out of the experience of a scholar -- serve to give a new approach to the teaching of the Bible. Any Christian will benefit from a reading of this unusually well written book about The Book of Books. May it be the way to introduce the Scriptures more deeply into Christian living. Bravo, Fr. Hunt. You make the Bible understandable. That's a what you set out to do.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1962
Publisher: Sheed and Ward