LET'S LIVE AT HOME by I.H. & R.W. Millgate


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A ""we did, you can too"" type of book -- in which the author and his wife through the depression and a hive of bees get their start in doing things on their own, start a garden project. Forced to move from Westchester to New Jersey, a gift of a tremendous salmon takes them into smoking, and from then on it is deep freeze and other home activities. And then come the ideas for a house for flexible living, possible improvements on standardized plans, and complete breaks with traditional building. This is a book for families, domestic economy and a more secure way of life, which has practical suggestions to offer and workable living processes to study. The market would be home economics courses, young marrieds who are trying to plot an independent type of life.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Harper