IN BED WE CRY by Ilka Chase
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The author of Past Imperfect has her claws out a bit more in this sleek, smart story of Devon Elliott, self-made career woman in the cosmetics business. Conservatives will balk a bit at the tale -- so pick your market with care...Devon Elliott was fundamentally a woman, but put this aspect of her career second. She was happily married to Tim Wainwright who turned his scientific bent to ""cooking up goes"" in her laboratory, but when the war goes back to work that seems to him more vital. Unreconciled to what she terms ""an attitude of gaunt integrity"", she has an affair with Kurt, a refugee, who intrigues, infuriates and often hurts her -- but regardless of his infidelities, she can't give him up. It takes a flagrant last () fling on his part to show her where her heart really belongs -- and she turns again to Tim -- too late..Reminiscent of The Women, soignee, shrewish, more sparkling and finished than Past Imperfect, But not as general in appeal, beyond the bounds of the sophisticated copolitan market.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1943
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran