A WEED IS A FLOWER by Illus. Aliki
Kirkus Star


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The complete self-containment that has often been identified as an aspect of true genius is not the easiest thing to convey in a book for the youngest readers, but Aliki has accomplished it in her text and picture biography of George Washington Carver. There is a storyteller's rhythm apparent in the words that describe him and his life which is evident when the book is read aloud. The illustrations are faithful to his times and his condition. His shoulders are usually bent over some task, humble or scientific, but Dr. Carver ages beautifully in these full color pages, going from small boy to young man (with a fiercely proud mustache) to a Gandhi-esque old age. The line is stylized, the color vivid. Again, it is rare to find a simplified biography true both to its subject and the interests of early childhood.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1965
Publisher: Prentice-Hall