ROD'S CHILDREN by Ilse ichinger


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This tale of pity and horror, a nightmare insight into the terror of children, is so acutely conceived that its emotional impact is almost too severe. This is the story of a child, Ellen, and her companions, who as ""children with the wrong grandparents"" faced the persecution of Hitler's Germany. Ellen first faces the incomprehensible wall of hatred when, wearing her yellow star, she is unable to purchase a birthday cake for a friend. Later, alone with her grandmother (there is no mother any more), she tries to keep her from committing suicide before ""they"" come to get her. Finally she flees, hides, finds and loses her friends, is captured, escapes and has one brief contact with human warmth in the person of a foreign soldier, before all these experiences culminate in her own death as the morning star (the yellow star, the Star of Peace) rises... Although the prose is sometimes obscure and time is obliterated, this searing indictment of a race of Herods is an unforgettable memorial to slaughtered .

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum