THE DON'T BE SCARED BOOK by Ilse-Margret- Illus. Vogel


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The sub-script on the title page says ""Scares, Remedies, and Pictures by se-Margret Vogel,"" which is a good description of the author's work. Readers, who may well run into lions in the hall, antelopes in the bathtub, alligators in the elevator, winged cucumbers, trolls, ghosts, or witches, are in each case advised ""Don't Be Scared"" and then provided with helpful hints on how to deal with the situation, for instance: If there should be an octopus; Complaining rudely on your bus,; Don't Be Scared!; See to it that he has a seat; For himself and all his feet.; The large black-and-white illustrations show a pair of extremely unscared looking children demonstrating all the appropriate remedies. The rhymes are a little shaky, but imaginative and amusing, as are the detailed pictures. A very reassuring book for children bothered by invisible monsters.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum