MELISSA by Ina B. Forbus
Kirkus Star


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The time is 1915, when divided skirts were still worn for riding and cars were not in every garage. Missy had been a country girl, brought up on a farm by her grandmother. But when time came for High School she had to go to live in the city with her uncle and aunt and their four children. It was a homesick time at first, particularly since Henrietta, who was also thirteen, was standoffish and prickly. Missy's only friends seemed to be the boys, Arthur and Freddie, Hyacinth the cook, and later, Tinker, the cat. Arthur's special friend was a ""witch"", an old lady he had saved during a windstorm. And it was on a visit to the witch's wishing well, that a fortuitous accident happens. Henrietta steps on a rotten plank and falls in, and only Missy is both strong enough and small enough to save her. So at last Henrietta realizes that Missy belongs to the family... A good family story with credible problems and rewards, and a good period flavor.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1962
Publisher: Viking