EGOGRAMS: How I See You and You See Me by

EGOGRAMS: How I See You and You See Me

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A variant of Transactional Analysis (I'm o.k., You're o.k.) which contends that the human personality is made up of Critical Parent, Nurturing Parent, Adult, Free Child, and Adapted Child--naturally abbreviated to read CP, NP, A, FC, and AC. An Egogram is a bar graph demonstrating how much of each exists in any of us. Ideally, Dusay says, a balance should be struck, and he tells how: if you're missing NP, for example, hugging people will increase it in you, and will cancel out whatever game is being played to suppress it. Another formula for a happy life, if you can believe that things are so simple.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row