DEVIL'S DAUGHTER by Hope Schenk-de Michele
Released: July 14, 2015

"A worthwhile jaunt for readers interested in a mix of magic, mankind, and the sinister ploys of the devil."
Debut authors Schenck-de Michele and Marquez's urban fantasy novel about Lucifer's daughter and a peculiar shop. Read full book review >
Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters by Vegard Svingen
Released: Feb. 20, 2015

"This fanciful children's book succeeds despite the author's uneven writing style."
In Svingen's debut middle-grade novel, 10-year-old Freddy Fumple journeys to a fantastical land called The InBetween where he must help vanquish a horde of destructive creatures called mindmonsters. Read full book review >

ON THE CARPET by Mary Maillard
Released: June 20, 2014

"A fascinating, scholarly glimpse into what it meant to be a Southern belle."
This collection of historical correspondence illuminates a North Carolina belle's upbringing, courtships, marriage, and death at age 22 following childbirth. Read full book review >
SOMETHING LIKE THIS by Eileen Cruz Coleman
Released: April 24, 2015

"A compassionate coming-of-age novel about the down but not out."
Coleman (Sweetwater American, 2014) tells the story of Jadie Santiago, a young woman starting her career, entering into a new love affair, and hindered by a tragic childhood. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 1, 2015

"An inventive, perspective-broadening approach to examining different life philosophies."
A guide to various philosophies—presented musically. Read full book review >

The Thirteen Rules of Love by W.L. Cooley
Released: Sept. 9, 2014

"Although this short work has its limits, it provides a view of love that just might be what the world needs now."
A brief debut primer on love that asks readers to proceed with both caution and bravery. Read full book review >
OUR NAUGHTY FAT CELLS by Alice Hutchison
Released: Jan. 11, 2015

"This book's story swings and misses, but its clever drawings win the day."
In this work of fiction aimed at adults, Hutchison explores the secret lives that fat cells lead inside their human hosts. Read full book review >

"Recommended reading for classicists (and budding Indiana Joneses) graduating beyond Edith Hamilton."
Lundwall contends that far from being ignorant and backward savages, the preliterate cultures that created mankind's most ancient mythological tales had a high degree of intellectual sophistication. Read full book review >
Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship by Steven C. McCartney
Released: Feb. 26, 2015

"An often vibrant supplement for phys ed teachers."
A physical education columnist and teacher aims to motivate young people with a 12-step plan for attaining a lifetime of good health. Read full book review >
THE BOOK OF HOURS by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
Released: Dec. 29, 2014

"Entertaining over-the-top melodrama, with a nonsensical plot pitting an appealing pair of lovers against a dastardly villain."
The adventurous romance of Gabriella Martinez and Richard Harrison continues in Alonso-Sierra's follow-up to The Coin (2014). Read full book review >
Released: April 24, 2012

"An old-fashioned, can-do, pulp sci-fi planetary romp with few subtleties or moral shadings."
In this debut sci-fi novel, intrepid survivors of the human race land on a distant world and find that they're not alone—in more ways than one. Read full book review >
JON FIXX by Jason Squire Fluck
Released: Dec. 15, 2014

"An exciting, comical page-turner about the gritty underbelly of love."
Fluck follows the adventures of a romance-writer-for-hire in his debut novel. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Luis Alberto Urrea
April 21, 2015

Examining the borders between one nation and another, between one person and another, Luis Alberto Urrea’s latest story collection, The Water Museum, reveals his mastery of the short form. This collection includes the Edgar-award winning "Amapola" and his now-classic "Bid Farewell to Her Many Horses," which had the honor of being chosen for NPR's "Selected Shorts" not once but twice. Urrea has also recently published a poetry collection, Tijuana Book of the Dead, mixing lyricism and colloquial voices, mysticism and the daily grind. We talk to Urrea about both of his new books this week on Kirkus TV. View video >