Indie Book Reviews

Mimi Plus Two by Whitney Dineen

"A charming tale of marriage, motherhood, an extended family, and a royal one."
Having a fiance/baby daddy who's a relative of the royal family ratchets up a young woman's stress level as she makes plans to get married and give birth in this chick-lit romp. Read full book review >
The Society by Jodie Andrefski
Released: May 3, 2016

"A thoughtful, sensitively drawn examination of bullying, revenge, and personal responsibility."
In Andrefski's (The Girlfriend Request, 2016, etc.) novel, a bullied teen at an elite private school plots revenge against her tormentors during recruitment week for a secret society. Read full book review >

The Unforgiven by A. Katie Rose
Released: April 10, 2015

"Behind familiar fantasy trappings await a marvelous adventure and a vibrant love story."
In this medieval tale, the conflict between two rival kingdoms escalates over an ancient prophecy. Read full book review >
Tao of Sustainability by Gregory Ripley
Released: Jan. 1, 2016

"An informative, well-presented application of traditional activities and philosophies to modern-day life."
Ripley (Primal Energy, 2014, etc.) offers a path back to nature in this philosophical work.Read full book review >
The Couple Who Fell To Earth by Michelle Bitting
Released: May 1, 2016

"With this poetry collection, the author firmly establishes herself as a powerful contemporary voice in American letters."
In her third book-length collection, Bitting (Notes to the Beloved, 2012, etc.) converses with fellow poets, both classic and contemporary.Read full book review >

My Name Is Tom by Jon Reeves
Released: Dec. 16, 2015

"A frank and funny coming-of-age story with a rousing soundtrack."
In this music-powered story, a young man sets out to reclaim his prized record collection after pawning it during a period of drug-fueled indiscretion. Read full book review >

"A humorous, if horrifying, history of Republican politics in the last 75 years."
Insurance entrepreneur Andendall (Stupidparty Math v. Myth, 2014) shows a knack for political satire in this exposé of former Florida governor and current presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his antecedents.Read full book review >
Murdered for Extra Seconds of Erection by Sylvester Abanteriba
Released: Feb. 23, 2016

"Often more a metaphorical than tangible story, but unquestionably a literary journey worth taking."
In this dystopian novel, scientists struggle to find the source of a worldwide virus causing sexually stimulated men to assault women. Read full book review >
Brought To Our Senses by Kathleen H. Wheeler
Released: Nov. 1, 2016

"A profound analysis of complicated family dynamics that should appeal to caregivers seeking inspiration and solace in their own lives."
A debut novel depicts the plights of four troubled siblings brought together by the tragic onset of their mother's Alzheimer's disease. Read full book review >
Return to Hera by Suzanne Maxwell

"The author pushes her cast of Herans and earthlings—along with readers—through an unforgettable emotional crucible."
Earth descendants struggle to survive on an inhospitable planet in Maxwell's sci-fi sequel to The Rasken (2011).Read full book review >
The Rasken by Suzanne Maxwell
Released: Dec. 30, 2011

"A novel that delivers a shining example of worldbuilding on another planet, strengthened by tightly executed twists."
A YA sci-fi adventure follows a girl whose clan worships a deadly river and survives using mysterious technology. Read full book review >
The War Less Civil by Joseph Lewis Heil
Released: Sept. 11, 2012

"A stirring homage to, and critique of, an ever-changing United States."
A sprawling debut historical novel about a family that grapples with war and political tumult. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Frances Stroh
author of BEER MONEY
May 3, 2016

Frances Stroh’s earliest memories are ones of great privilege: shopping trips to London and New York, lunches served by black-tied waiters at the Regency Hotel, and a house filled with precious antiques, which she was forbidden to touch. Established in Detroit in 1850, by 1984 the Stroh Brewing Company had become the largest private beer fortune in America and a brand emblematic of the American dream itself; while Stroh was coming of age, the Stroh family fortune was estimated to be worth $700 million. But behind the beautiful façade lay a crumbling foundation. As their fortune dissolved in little over a decade, the family was torn apart internally by divorce and one family member's drug bust; disagreements over the management of the business; and disputes over the remaining money they possessed. “The author’s family might have successfully burned through a massive fortune, but they squandered a lot more than that,” our reviewer writes about Stroh’s debut memoir, Beer Money. “A sorrowful, eye-opening examination of familial dysfunction.” View video >