"A valuable set of educational materials for teachers, parents, and children alike."
A fun guide to the building blocks of the English language. Read full book review >
Wanderer's Escape by Simon Goodson
Released: Aug. 6, 2013

"Some of the story covers familiar sci-fi terrain, but laser blasts and galactic pursuits make for a stellar tale."
Prisoners break free in an extraordinary ship powerful enough to hunt pirates and stop innocents from becoming slaves in the first of Goodson's (Dark Soul Silenced, 2013, etc.) sci-fi series. Read full book review >

The Thruway Killers by Harvey Havel
Released: May 18, 2015

"Police chases and social commentary come together in this rollicking murder story about an affluent family torn apart by greed, prejudice, and its own foibles."
A killer and his girlfriend go on the run from the FBI in this crime novel. Read full book review >
The Other Side Of Courage by Joe Matlock

"Despite its excessive length and complexity, an affecting story of hope in the face of despair."
A World War II novel explores the possibilities of love and courage amid catastrophe. Read full book review >
Hard Chance by Peter Pfeiffer
Released: Aug. 18, 2015

"A riveting, often hilarious story of an adventurous life as an anarchist drifter and tree farmer."
In this debut memoir, Pfeiffer recounts his journeys to various parts of the world before he returned to Maine to become an independent tree farmer. Read full book review >

The Enigma Gamers by Charles Breakfield
Released: March 18, 2016

"A cyberattack tale that's superb as both a continuation of a series and a promising start in an entirely new direction."
In this spinoff of Breakfield and Burkey's (The Enigma Always, 2015, etc.) techno-thriller series, someone's hacking companies and places with automated services and demanding ransoms.Read full book review >
Return of the Convict by William Alan Thomas
Released: Feb. 8, 2016

"An exciting, thought-provoking, futuristic narrative that transcends its Dickensian-mashup origins."
In Thomas' sci-fi novel, a dying renegade returns to Earth from a Mars penal colony to connect with his secret ward—a young man undergoing cyberenhancements to take his place in tomorrow's elite. Read full book review >
A Raccoon's Tale by Fran Hodgkins
Released: April 19, 2016

"A rousing, feel-good animal story of courage and compassion—a winner."
After her home is destroyed, a raccoon embarks on a dangerous journey to find the safe haven foretold in legend in this illustrated children's book. Read full book review >
Ghetto Dogs by Steve Romagnoli

"An engaging and memorable social novel that involves dogfighting.

Romagnoli tells the story of an interconnected group of people in Harlem. Read full book review >
Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern
Released: June 1, 2016

"An enthralling tale, but the genuine mystery involves the protagonist, a spellbinding enigma from beginning to end."
A divorcé's 5-year-old daughter vanishes during a weekend visit, turning his apartment neighbors into suspects in Southern's (Killing Sound, 2014, etc.) thriller. Read full book review >
SHELBY'S WAY . . . MAYBE by Katherine [MK] Mitchell
Released: Jan. 7, 2016

"A captivating and complicated coming-of-age tale for fans of surprising heroines."
A novel follows a young mother who is forced to grow up when her husband abruptly abandons her. Read full book review >
Nesthäkchen's First School Year by Else Ury
Released: July 29, 2014

"A young family favorite charms her teacher in this affecting novel from a century ago."
A children's classic relates a little girl's first experiences at school in Germany. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Fernanda Santos
author of THE FIRE LINE
May 17, 2016

When a bolt of lightning ignited a hilltop in the sleepy town of Yarnell, Arizona, in June 2013, setting off a blaze that would grow into one of the deadliest fires in American history, the 20 men who made up the Granite Mountain Hotshots sprang into action. New York Times writer Fernanda Santos’ debut book The Fire Line is the story of the fire and the Hotshots’ attempts to extinguish it. An elite crew trained to combat the most challenging wildfires, the Hotshots were a ragtag family, crisscrossing the American West and wherever else the fires took them. There's Eric Marsh, their devoted and demanding superintendent who turned his own personal demons into lessons he used to mold, train and guide his crew; Jesse Steed, their captain, a former Marine, a beast on the fire line and a family man who wasn’t afraid to say “I love you” to the firemen he led; Andrew Ashcraft, a team leader still in his 20s who struggled to balance his love for his beautiful wife and four children and his passion for fighting wildfires. We see this band of brothers at work, at play and at home, until a fire that burned in their own backyards leads to a national tragedy. View video >