Common Enemy by Richard David Bach
Released: March 7, 2012

"A dandy tale whose deviations prove just as much fun, if not more so, than the murder mystery itself."
A lawyer tries to steer a billionaire client's cruise line free of bad publicity by finding a serial killer before he continues making female passengers disappear in this debut thriller. Read full book review >

"A book provides a beautifully rendered introduction to a remarkable healing initiative and a useful tool kit."
The founder of SafeArt, which focuses on creative expression to prevent and heal abuse and other traumas, discusses its genesis and methods in this debut educational guide. Read full book review >

Hanging on to Hope by Annette Newcomb
Released: March 30, 2016

"A sweet, inspiring tale of overcoming troubles through faith."
In this debut memoir, a woman confronts her life's challenges, armed with a deeply held faith. Read full book review >
Finding Albert Strange by C.C. Canning
Released: Feb. 7, 2013

"A family saga shines in its depiction of the oddities and inanities of real life and in its delving into the numerous concerns of each day."
A debut novel paints an intergenerational portrait of an Australian clan in crisis over one fateful day. Read full book review >
Vengeance by William Crow Johnson

"Filled with dark, sardonic humor and absurd, exhilarating situations, this book delivers an intelligently written police drama with a shrewd protagonist."
A down-home murder mystery in a small Midwestern town leads a lawman to big-city criminals and a PTSD nightmare come to life. Read full book review >

The White-Haired Buffalo Hunter by Jeff Spalsburry
Released: Aug. 19, 2016

"A lighthearted, shoot'em-up romp in the Montana Territory—fans should be happy that the author plans two sequels to complete the series."
Prolific author Spalsbury (Zorkon's Secret, 2016, etc.) returns to the Old West for this fourth volume in his Hunt series.Read full book review >
Touched by a Phoenix by Sophia  Byron
Released: April 24, 2015

"A steadily escalating dual plot of romance and action enlivens this tale; a long and satisfying, genre-defying read."
A romantic thriller features a strong-willed corporate attorney's clash with a genius surveillance expert. Read full book review >
A Manuscript to Die For by Patric Quinn
Released: July 20, 2000

"A well-paced, satisfying page-turner with an underlying dystopian concept that should keep readers awake at night."
A murder mystery presents a provocative hypothesis that should increase the ranks of conspiracy theorists. Read full book review >
Protecting Elvis by Charlotte Morgan
Released: July 4, 2013

"A subtle, affecting glimpse into the lives of a trio of singular women molded by the works and personal character of a rock icon."
This work of historical fiction centers around three women who have been indelibly shaped by Elvis Presley, both his music and the man himself. Read full book review >
Middle East Affairs by Zahos Hadjifotiou
Released: Aug. 19, 2016

"A pithy and unapologetic memoir, as much about the good times of war as the bad."
A World War II veteran recounts firsthand horrors on bloody battlefields and passionate liaisons in Middle Eastern nightclubs as a Grecian soldier. Read full book review >
Released: July 28, 2016

"An often lyrical work that offers more meditation than instruction."
Dargis (Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa, 2013) explores the concepts of healing energy, quantum theory, and the higher self through memoir, prose, and poetry.Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 3, 2016

"Chock-full of smart advice, deftly organized, and rich in leadership wisdom."
A business-advice book that explores the four most important "levers" for leading an organization. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Maria Goodavage
October 24, 2016

Wherever the president goes, there will be dogs. They’ll be there no matter what the country or state. They’ll be there regardless of the political climate, the danger level, the weather, or the hour. Maria Goodavage’s new book Secret Service Dogs immerses readers in the heart of this elite world of canine teams who protect first families, popes, and presidential candidates: the selection of dogs and handlers, their year-round training, their missions around the world, and, most important, the bond—the glue that holds the teams together and can mean the difference between finding bombs and terrorists or letting them slip by. Secret Service Dogs celebrates the Secret Service’s most unforgettable canine heroes. It is a must-read for fans of Maria Goodavage, anyone who wants a rare inside view of the United States Secret Service, or just loves dogs. “Goodavage’s subjects and their companions are quirky and dedicated enough to engage readers wondering about those dogs on the White House lawn,” our reviewer writes. View video >