Indie Book Reviews (page 592)

REFORMERS by Diogenes Laputa
Released: Dec. 28, 2011

"An often offensive attack on an imaginary left wing, suitable for only the most partisan of crowds."
Laputa (Manhattan Mortar Attacks, 2011) sets the stage for a battle royale as the biggest and baddest wrestlers in the land vow to body slam the corrupt Democratic Party and their evil tag-team partners in the media. Read full book review >
TRUST by L. A. De Michiel
Released: Dec. 28, 2011

"A top-notch thriller with colorful characters and enough plot twists to satisfy without making readers' heads spin.

In this Australiancrime novel, two strangers brought together by a man's murder must expose the illegal artifact-exporting business behind his death before they too fall victim to a ruthless killer. Read full book review >

FINAL ADAGIO by Giselle Stancic
Released: Dec. 28, 2011

"A well-played mystery for music lovers. Bravo!"
On a weekend in 1993, the performance of Gustav Mahler's brooding Ninth Symphony by a fictive Chicago Philharmonic frames this cleverly constructed murder mystery. Read full book review >
NAKED MOMMY by Aidan Parkinson
Released: Dec. 27, 2011

"A strange, gawky dance between the past and the present, and between mundanity and insanity."
Two Irish brothers compete bitterly for the affections of a beautiful eco-terrorist. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 27, 2011

"A readable presentation that teaches how to take hunches seriously."
Artemis' self-help guide offers encouragement and imaginative exercises to access intuitive knowledge. Read full book review >

Released: Dec. 27, 2011

"Decker's first effort is an easy read with a twist ending, but it lacks bite."
When FBI counterintelligence specialist Lane McCormick is awakened in the middle of the night and summoned to investigate the suicide of a CIA agent, he finds himself caught in a maelstrom of espionage, alcoholism and sex. Read full book review >
A SATAN CAROL by Alan S. Kessler
Released: Dec. 26, 2011

"Fans of the macabre will enjoy this novel approach to a timeless struggle."
Set during the Great Irish Famine of the mid-1800s, first-time author Kessler's tale of horror centers on an unforgiving landlord and his quest for the "golden soul." Read full book review >
WHITE MONSOON by Scott Nelson
Released: Dec. 25, 2011

"Fun, challenging and dangerous."
In Nelson's thriller, Islamic extremists and the KGB join forces to dump 40 tons of cheap heroin in the U.S. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 25, 2011

"A family chronicles their patriarch's dementia and the painful caregiving experience without flinching and with a lot of heart."
As dementia claims a Midwestern man's mind, his wife and son record the experience in this memoir. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 24, 2011

"YA fans looking for contemporary tales of ghosts and goblins are likely to find at least a little bit of enjoyment here."
A variety of YA authors offer a collection of short stories featuring teenagers who find themselves involved with the paranormal. Read full book review >
POISON by Neal Starkman
Released: Dec. 24, 2011

"An inventive farce waylaid by excessive absurdity and a sprawling cast."
Starkman's (Great Places to Learn, 2006, etc.) debut novel features a postal carrier named Cleve and a coterie of eccentric neighbors who attempt to solve a series of bizarre local mysteries. Read full book review >
THE ONLY ROAD by Monica Ponder
Released: Dec. 23, 2011

"Earnest, likable characters imbue this fantasy with equal amounts of imagination and sincerity."
A dishonored, exiled young man befriends elves and finds love in the conclusion to Ponder's Cel'mystry Diaries trilogy (A Great Red Bow, 2011, etc.). Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Libba Bray
author of LAIR OF DREAMS
August 25, 2015

In Lair of Dreams, the second installment of Libba Bray’s bestselling young adult Diviners series, after a supernatural showdown with a serial killer, Evie O'Neill has outed herself as a Diviner. Now that the world knows of her ability to "read" objects, and therefore, read the past, she has become a media darling, earning the title "America's Sweetheart Seer." But not everyone is so accepting of the Diviners' abilities....Meanwhile, mysterious deaths have been turning up in the city, victims of an unknown sleeping sickness. Can the Diviners descend into the dreamworld and catch a killer? “Weaving together a chilling mystery with a truly elusive solution, several poignant love stories, agonizing injustice, terrifyingly monstrous dreams, and even a cameo by legendary psychiatrist Carl Jung, this installment wraps enough up to satisfy but clearly sets the stage for more,” our reviewer writes in a rare starred review. “How will readers stand the wait?” View video >