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Released: June 16, 2012

"Tighten up this thriller and you've got a contender."
In this thriller, an inadvertent car accident involving a former CIA agent and a top-secret black ops agent believed to be dead starts a firestorm that has the CIA and FBI frantically searching for answers. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2012

"An allegorical, emotionally intimate narrative for sci-fi fans, with broad themes that could appeal to a mainstream audience, too."
The second installment of Atrium's Dolvia saga is a character-driven sci-fi tale that explores profound—and timely—themes of sexual oppression, environmentalism and cultural intolerance. Read full book review >

THE FOUNDERS' PLOT by Frank M. Victoria
Released: June 15, 2012

"For readers on the hunt for a fictional account of a contemporary political dispute, this is a competent if not inspiring option."
Debut author Victoria's topical thriller follows the political and personal reverberations of a tough and controversial immigration law in California. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2012

"A provoking, entertaining glimpse inside the still-coalescing mind of a smart young woman."
De Shadley's compilation of blog posts written while she attended college. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2012

"A somewhat overlong account that offers amusing anecdotes about teaching."
A veteran New York teacher delivers her first memoir. Read full book review >

Released: June 15, 2012

"An action-packed topical read that is sometimes overly complicated."
Fiction borrows heavily from fact in this stark action novel built around Mexico's drug war as it spills into the U.S. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2012

"A paradigm-busting plan for success built on an oft-forgotten idea: People are more important than widgets."
In his debut business book, Self argues that the future will belong to companies that focus on customer success, not simply product sales. Read full book review >
AN EYE DOCTOR ANSWERS by Richard A. Driscoll
Released: June 15, 2012

"A valuable, authoritative consumer health guide."
An optometrist answers patients' frequently asked questions regarding eye diseases and conditions. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2012

"An exceptional first effort that captures the harmony of two beating hearts."
Detailing how family dynamics, cultural diversity and past relationships shape who we are, debut novelist Hiatt subtly explores the cavern between a successful life and a meaningful one. Read full book review >
SILENT TREES by Nasir Shansab
Released: June 15, 2012

"A fine evocation of a crucial era in Afghanistan, suffused with pent-up violence."
Afghanistan teeters on the brink of the abyss in this searing historical novel. Read full book review >
MALLAST by Bob Prevost
Released: June 15, 2012

"A fact-filled but somewhat dry look at farm life in 19th-century America."
In a bid to avoid military conscription, a farming family leaves its Prussian home in the 1880s to seek a new future in the United States in this debut historical novel. Read full book review >
BROKEN ANGELS by Harambee K. Grey-Sun
Released: June 14, 2012

"Avoiding the comic-book trap (though there is some resemblance to The Matrix), this cross-dimensional thriller should give broad-minded readers a heady brew of thought and superpowered action."
A virus grants victims superhuman powers and perceptions (if it doesn't kill them first), and Robert and Darryl are two such carriers, fighting crime and unstable fellow infectees. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Fernanda Santos
author of THE FIRE LINE
May 17, 2016

When a bolt of lightning ignited a hilltop in the sleepy town of Yarnell, Arizona, in June 2013, setting off a blaze that would grow into one of the deadliest fires in American history, the 20 men who made up the Granite Mountain Hotshots sprang into action. New York Times writer Fernanda Santos’ debut book The Fire Line is the story of the fire and the Hotshots’ attempts to extinguish it. An elite crew trained to combat the most challenging wildfires, the Hotshots were a ragtag family, crisscrossing the American West and wherever else the fires took them. There's Eric Marsh, their devoted and demanding superintendent who turned his own personal demons into lessons he used to mold, train and guide his crew; Jesse Steed, their captain, a former Marine, a beast on the fire line and a family man who wasn’t afraid to say “I love you” to the firemen he led; Andrew Ashcraft, a team leader still in his 20s who struggled to balance his love for his beautiful wife and four children and his passion for fighting wildfires. We see this band of brothers at work, at play and at home, until a fire that burned in their own backyards leads to a national tragedy. View video >