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THE LAST FAITH by Karmak Bagisbayev
Released: Dec. 8, 2016

"This ambitious book's unique structure offers some unusual, intriguing moments."
A writer tries to answer all of life's mysteries by having a Socratic dialogue with God in this debut philosophical work. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 7, 2016

"At its best as a drama, with a protagonist whose distressing professional and personal lives in and out of the hospital produce a gripping tale."
The patients in a medical student's psychiatry rotation have a variety of diagnoses, some more dangerous than others, in this thriller. Read full book review >

NIGHTSCAPE by David W. Edwards
Released: Dec. 7, 2016

"A richly rewarding, action-packed excursion into the classic pulp era, delivering a combination of eldritch villains and overmatched but valiant heroes."
Two novellas set in the world of the 2012 Nightscape movie.Read full book review >
Biome by Ryan Galloway
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"An indelible red-planet backdrop enhances an already rugged, tenacious story of a colony's cadets learning to rely on one another."
Part of a Mars terraforming settlement, a teenager has six days to figure out why doctors are repeatedly wiping her peers' memories—and why she's retained her own—in this sci-fi debut. Read full book review >
Dare Ya! by Rhonda Wilson
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"An energetic, but sometimes-feckless action potboiler about a wacky dotcom."
Two Special Forces veterans and ex-cons strike it rich with a gonzo social media website and then battle a vengeful conspiracy in this debut thriller. Read full book review >

The Pawn by Skye Warren
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"A well-written piece of erotic fiction, starring a desperate heroine, for alpha-male fans."
In this novel, debts force a young woman to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"A haunting, cleareyed account of the hardships imposed by war and tyranny."
Huyen recounts growing up during politically perilous times in Vietnam. Read full book review >
KINGDOM OF APATHY by Pasquale A. Neri
Released: Dec. 5, 2016

"Though the scale of the book disorients the reader at times, the payoff comes in a decidedly creative mix of sci-fi and magic."
A part sci-fi, part fantasy debut novel examines the convergence of magical worlds. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 5, 2016

"A cute, simple tale about a feline who loves the Pittsburgh Pirates."
A black cat's good luck helps his team win the World Series in this debut children's book. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 2, 2016

"An uncommon blend of military analysis and sociological history.
A scholarly analysis of the Mexican Revolution that focuses on how innovations in military economy and tactics resulted in social change. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 2, 2016

"A fresh, if challenging, perspective on a neglected historical topic."
The final part of Janssens' (Maneuver and Battle in the Mexican Revolution: A Revolution in Military Affairs, Volume 2, 2016, etc.) comprehensive and iconoclastically revisionist interpretation of the Mexican Revolutionary War. Read full book review >
Secrets of Worry Dolls by Amy Impellizzeri
Released: Dec. 1, 2016

"A novel of grief, love, and truth that offers insights about a family and a satisfying resolution."
A daughter comes to terms with family secrets as she deals with the effects of two tragedies from New York's recent history. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Kathleen Kent
author of THE DIME
February 20, 2017

Dallas, Texas is not for the faint of heart. Good thing for Betty Rhyzyk she's from a family of take-no-prisoners Brooklyn police detectives. But in Kathleen Kent’s new novel The Dime, her Big Apple wisdom will only get her so far when she relocates to The Big D, where Mexican drug cartels and cult leaders, deadbeat skells and society wives all battle for sunbaked turf. Betty is as tough as the best of them, but she's deeply shaken when her first investigation goes sideways. Battling a group of unruly subordinates, a persistent stalker, a formidable criminal organization, and an unsupportive girlfriend, the unbreakable Detective Betty Rhyzyk may be reaching her limit. “Violent, sexy, and completely absorbing,” our critic writes in a starred review. “Kent's detective is Sam Spade reincarnated—as a brilliant, modern woman.” View video >