Indie Book Reviews (page 8)

GREEN DEVIL by David Saperstein
Released: May 1, 2015

"One hell of a ride, even though the devils in these details are more comic book than cosmic."
An ancient, fallen archangel will ruin North America with nuclear toxins unless a multicultural force of holy men and heroes can smite the supernatural menace. Read full book review >
Understanding Mental Disorders by American Psychiatric Association
Released: May 1, 2015

"A well-organized, nontechnical overview of recognized psychiatric disorders and methods for treating them."
A plainly written guide to psychiatric conditions, intended for nonspecialist readers. Read full book review >

FLASH by Donna Ball
Released: May 1, 2015

"One of this mystery's investigators may be fluffy, but this thoroughly entertaining novel certainly isn't."
A recent murder stirs up a cop's memories of being shot in the line of duty in Ball's (A Wedding on Ladybug Farm, 2014, etc.) latest thriller. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 2015

"A short, disjointed work of religious speculation that will appeal mainly to readers who already agree with the authors' hypotheses."
A short collection of miscellaneous observations about spiritual matters in various religions. Read full book review >
BUTTERFLIES by Daniel M. Harrison
Released: May 1, 2015

"Butterflies are pretty, light, and charming; this book, not so much."
Harrison mixes vignettes of the sex lives of rich people, mainly young and Eurasian, with journalistic pieces on economics, physics, and politics. Read full book review >

Assassin Rabbit from the Dawn of Time by Mark Richard Taylor
Released: May 1, 2015

"Postmodern ironic gods must be crazy—or just a bit lazy—in this wry, absurd, yet sophisticated sci-fi."
Seattle slackers accidentally gain superhuman powers of perception and space-time manipulation, causing an entirely different group of superior beings to wonder what exactly to do about them. Read full book review >
DEAD IN DUBAI by Marilynn Larew
Released: April 30, 2015

"Lee's charm and tenacity can conquer any obstacle, even an unsteady premise."
Former CIA analyst Lee Carruthers returns in Larew's (The Spider Catchers, 2013) thriller, this time searching for a murderer in Dubai and stepping into the middle of a war between arms dealers. Read full book review >
HIATUS by Belangela G. Tarazona
Released: April 29, 2015

"A lovely, sentimental gay romance with a very modern twist."
A heart-rending tale of second chances in love and life by Tarazona (A Better World, 2014). Read full book review >
OUTSIGHT by Giorgos Asimomitis
Released: April 29, 2015

"An ambitious collection of wide-ranging genre entries that might have benefited from a more focused, cohesive approach."
Eight novellas offer a smorgasbord of genres, philosophical musings, end-of-days scenarios, and promiscuous encounters. Read full book review >
Released: April 28, 2015

"A bit familiar but exciting nonetheless."
In a future dictatorship, detective Victor Vale starts questioning authority when, to infiltrate a dissident cell, he goes undercover as a writer. Read full book review >
Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas by Peter Apel
Released: April 28, 2015

"Families that enjoy repetitive songs, such as 'The Wheels on the Bus,' will be glad to throw this fruit-eating space traveler into their mix."
A spaceman boldly proclaims his love for Earth's appealing yellow fruit in this board-book debut by singer/songwriter Apel. Read full book review >
Released: April 27, 2015

"Beautifully constructed and expertly written in straightforward language; will make it far easier for anyone to navigate the cultural differences of doing business in Asia.
This outstanding guidebook plies the cultural waters of Asia and offers insider tips for developing successful business relationships. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Jude Deveraux
author of EVER AFTER
July 1, 2015

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux's eagerly awaited Ever After, the third novel in her blockbuster Nantucket Brides trilogy, continues the saga of the Montgomery-Taggerts, set on an island steeped in beauty and unforgettable romance. Life is anything but perfect for Hallie Hartley, a young physical therapist who has given up nearly everything—even her love life—for her beautiful blonde stepsister, Shelly. Though Shelly's acting career has never taken off, she has certainly perfected the crocodile tears to get what she wants—which all too often means Hallie's boyfriends. When Hallie arrives home early from work one fateful day, she makes two startling discoveries that will turn her life upside down. "This sexy, lighthearted romp brings the series to a satisfying close," our reviewer writes. View video >