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Genuinely Dangerous by Mike McCrary
Released: Sept. 26, 2016

"An energetic tale that will make readers root for its disreputable characters."
In McCrary's (Remo Went Rogue, 2013, etc.) latest crime novel, an out-of-work screenwriter decides to trail criminals documentary-style, with expectedly violent results.Read full book review >
Impala by Andrew Diamond
Released: Sept. 21, 2016

"A convincing, complex cyberthriller."
A computer programmer becomes the target of international criminals in Diamond's (Warren Lane, 2015) thriller.Read full book review >

Rembrandt's Shadow by Janet Lee Berg
Released: Sept. 20, 2016

"A moving rendering of a true story about an art dealer, both thrilling and historically fascinating,"
A debut novel details a Jewish family's escape from the Nazis, and the emotional tumult it suffered in the aftermath. Read full book review >
First Rodeo by Judith Hennessey
Released: Sept. 20, 2016

"An engaging, nuanced female awakening journey in the West."
On a trip to Wyoming, a divorced mother finds romance with a younger cowboy in this debut novel. Read full book review >
Wilder by Rebecca Yarros
Released: Sept. 19, 2016

"Intelligent and fun, this fast-paced tale delivers kaleidoscopic settings and an adventurous love story."
Yarros (Ignite: Legacy, 2016, etc.) offers a shipboard romance between an extreme sports athlete and his ambitious tutor.Read full book review >

Transcendent by K.M. Szpara
Released: Sept. 17, 2016

"A varied, remarkable collection of trans-themed fiction."
Szpara edits an anthology of new, speculative short stories from transgender perspectives. Read full book review >
Maybe Mermaids & Robots are Lonely by Matthew Fogarty
Released: Sept. 16, 2016

"Energetic stories unveil limitless possibilities always within reach."
A collection offers tales populated by families, lovers, and pariahs who brave worlds both real and illusory. Read full book review >
Schizo: Hidden in Plain Sight by Ilene B. Benator
Released: Sept. 15, 2016

"A laudable mystery that starts tangled and slowly unravels—with not one but two twists at the end."
A man wrongly convicted of murder feigns a mental disorder, giving him time in a psychiatric facility to concoct a scheme for clearing his name, in this debut thriller. Read full book review >
The Fly Strip by Gwen Banta
Released: Sept. 15, 2016

"A spirited tale about finding a new place in the world."
Banta tells the story of a teenage orphan struggling to start over in small-town Indiana in this debut novel. Read full book review >
Beneath A Shooting Star by Susan Harrison Rashid
Released: Sept. 13, 2016

"An absorbing tale of Muslim women taking their destinies into their own hands."
Two Pakistani women have their friendship challenged by sectarian division, violence, and sexism in this debut novel. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 13, 2016

"A delightful, edifying tale written with intelligence and emotional sensitivity."
A brief history of the creation of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Read full book review >
The Good Spy Dies Twice by Mark Hosack
Released: Sept. 13, 2016

"So many twists it's practically gyrating, but an undeniably spry and rousing espionage tale."
A disgraced journalist tackles a story his newlywed wife had been covertly researching, involving Russians, spies, and murder at an Alaskan ski resort in this thriller. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Melissa Sweet
author of SOME WRITER!
September 26, 2016

“SOME PIG,” Charlotte the spider’s praise for Wilbur, is just one fondly remembered snippet from E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. In Some Writer!, two-time Caldecott Honor winner and 2014 Kirkus Prize finalist Melissa Sweet mixes White’s personal letters, photos, and family ephemera with her own exquisite artwork to tell his story, from his birth in 1899 to his death in 1985. Budding young writers will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist, New Yorker contributor, and children’s book author who loved words his whole life. This authorized tribute is the first fully illustrated biography of E. B. White and includes an afterword by Martha White, E. B. White's granddaughter. “Like Charlotte, Sweet spins a terrific story,” our reviewer writes in a starred review. “A masterful biography that will enchant young readers.” View video >