Indie Book Reviews (page 2)

13:24 by M Dolon Hickmon
Released: March 25, 2014

"A strange and effective debut novel about the powerful dynamics of father-son relationships and the casual violence of amoral subcultures."
Hickmon's taut, gripping fiction debut journeys into a world of subversive rock-and-roll, dark perversions and deep emotional scars. Read full book review >
Surrounded By Madness: A Memoir of Mental Illness and Family Secrets by Rachel  Pruchno
Released: March 24, 2014

"An unvarnished look at the destructiveness of mental illness, as told by a person who suffered at the hands of someone else's demons."
The heavy-hearted memoir of a woman who lost her mother and daughter to the bitter grip of mental illness. Read full book review >

Thrace and the Centaur by Keith Bender
Released: March 24, 2014

"A respectable first effort, likely to appeal to fans of Greek myth and students of classical antiquity, but one that labors under the weight of history as much as it draws from it."
Bender's debut novel is an epic youngadult fantasy that incorporates classical lore, intonations and references into an ode to the lasting greatness of Greek myth. Read full book review >
WAR OF WINGS by Tanner McElroy
Released: March 21, 2014

"An often compelling story of Satan's falls, despite some hackneyed plot devices."
McElroy follows in John Milton's footsteps in this slick, contemporary recreation of the war for heaven. Read full book review >
PARISIAN PROMISES by Cecilia Velástegui
Released: March 18, 2014

"An elusive tale of love, sex and mind games."
In Velástegui's (Trace of Bliss, 2011, etc.) novel, an American girl studying abroad in 1970s Paris finds herself risking her safety as well as her heart. Read full book review >

Light of the Diddicoy by Eamon Loingsigh
Released: March 18, 2014

"Inconsistencies in voice and tone keep Loingsigh's compelling, authentic narrative from fully taking hold."
Privation, memory and regret combine to make an uneven but potent coming-of-age story in Loingsigh's book, the first in a series about one man's hardscrabble life. Read full book review >
THE MEMORY CHILD by Steena Holmes
Released: March 18, 2014

"An intense psychological drama underpins this uneven novel."
Holmes (Sweet Memories, 2013) delves into the world of postpartum psychosis in this novel, which isn't what it might first appear to be. Read full book review >
CALLY'S WAY by Jane Bow
Released: March 17, 2014

"A skillfully written novel, romantic yet tough-minded, in a beautiful setting."
In Bow's novel, a young Canadian woman confronts family history and future choices on the isle of Crete. Read full book review >
BLOOD ORANGE SODA by James Michael Larranaga
Released: March 15, 2014

"A standout paranormal YA novel."
A surprisingly affecting vampire story. Read full book review >
CAGE ON THE SEA by Kaoru Ohno
Released: March 15, 2014

"An appealing historical novel of World War II. "
In Ohno's debut novel inspired by true events, an American soldier must convince a group of Japanese holdouts on a remote island that World War II has ended. Read full book review >
A Less Than Perfect Beginning by Diane L. Huffman
Released: March 14, 2014

"An exhilarating, unsentimental story of one woman's triumph over a devastating childhood."
A debut novel about a young woman who never lets her abusive family life get her down. Read full book review >
True Love; Breaking the Cycle of Failed Relationships by Rhonda Fried
Released: March 12, 2014

"Earnest advice on finding true love."
Fried, in her first self-help book, promotes self-love before seeking romance, with plenty of mental exercises, self-affirmations and personal anecdotes along the way. Read full book review >