THE BIG ONES by Inez Hogan


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This is not a companion volume to The Little Ones, except in so far as it introduces the large animals of the forest, where the earlier book introduced the small ones. The Big Ones is for an older age group, specifically for those whose interest has been fired regarding prehistoric animals, and who have already become dinosaur fans. For them, the scientific names- many of which appear here- will hold no terror. For the average eight and nine year old, the story tells how a fearless chimpanzee introduces a dinosaur who has wandered back to the world of today, to the big animals that survive,- the lion, the giraffe, the leopard, the elephant, the crocodile, the hippopotamus, the rhinoceros. There is value in the comparisons between the prehistoric world and today, drawn by both the dinosaur and the chimpanzee, but there will be hurdles to take in the picturing- by the author -- of the creatures, too many to a page, with resultant problems of comparative sizes. This blend of fact and fantasy seems to us not the best of ways to introduce the subject. But for the fans- here's another.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1957
Publisher: Dutton