THE LONE WOLF by Inez Hogan


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Once upon a time there lived a father wolf, a mother wolf, and four little wolf cubs, who never even heard of Goldilocks; Sheela was their big problem. She longed to be leader of the pack, but when she proclaimed her leadership among the other cubs, they rudely pushed her away. So, against her parents' warning, she decided to go it alone. Hunting all by herself, hiding from powerful animals, and running far from friends, the life of a lone wolf proved to be a great disappointment. She was therefore grateful one day when she met another lonely lone wolf. Together they returned to the pack, vowing to teach their cubs how to play, ""Follow the Leader"". Divergent principles emerge. To function in a group, to respect the abilities of other group members, are valuable ideals. But what about the lone wolf? Is it inevitable that he return to the pack defeated? Let's hope not. We need our lone wolves, their rebelliousness, their courage, their individuality. For children at the easy reading level however, involved in the conflict between group and egocentric decisions, Miss Hogan's story and pictures will fill the bill.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1961
Publisher: Dutton