SO THIS IS RANCHING by Inez Puckett McEwen


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This falls short of The Egg and I market towards which it is presumably aimed, but provides some measure of contagious enthusiasm for the life the author loved, Idaho ranching on the Snake. The story records the adjustments an ex-journalist and school- ma'rm made as she found charm of sagebrush and happiness in the via dolorosa ( also odorosa) among the hogs and chickens of the family ranch she had not known since childhood. With her engineer husband and her psychologist cousin, she learned what it was to be a slave to ranch routine, when a tenant dairyman had an accident. A new tenant cleared the situation, but she stayed on to experience the life of the ranch in all seasons, its connection with community interests, the excitement of outside trips. A little forced at times, and assuredly not an urban concoction because of its lollypop style, this nevertheless expresses a real love of the country and the life.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1948
Publisher: Caxton